Witch Artbook
Illustrations by different artists
on the topic of "Witches"

300 pages of illustrations, 150 artists. Hardcover edition.
Information for participants
<< A sample of two-page spread
(All the illustration are used only for demonstration, all rights belong to the artists.)
One spread for one artist:
1 st page: colored illustration with background. Topic of the illustration is "Cute witches"
You can draw your OC, your creative vision of witches. You can interpret the topic any way you like, only your imagination is your border. You can change setting, genre etc. You mustn't draw fan-art of well-known movies, cartoons, comics, but some easter eggs can be a part of your art.

2 nd page: colored picture montage on the subject of "witch's inventory".

You can draw any witch's magic objects, magic food, spell ingredients, habitation fragments, rooms, transport, brooms, cauldrons, clothes, magic helpers and animals. You can arrange the picture montage the way you like. We've prepared 2 samples for your convenience and inspiration.

Deadline: 10th April 2018
Artbook format: 21x19 centimeters [a square]
Resolution: 400 dpi
Color format: RGB
Please download the PSD model of pages with the final size!
Please send the file only after the model! Name the file AuthorName_page2.psd and fill it in with your nickname/name

IMPORTANT! Don't draw too dark and black illustrations. Due to the difficulty of printing dark colors won't be discerned properly.
Rating: 12+

Temporary member fee: 70$ [paypal only]
Our artbook is not a commercial project. We take the fee for printing in the printing-house. After artbook selling start the whole fee amount will be refunded to all members. Your help and support is a priceless contribution to our project (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

All the members will get their artbook copy by post or in person.

f you have any questions you can check the FAQ or ask anything
in our VK group.

The artbook will be distributed to pre-order buyers. The realize is planned to be at the end of April 2018.
The artbook will be sent by post within Russia and to other countries. There won't be a web version.

The circulation and the price are being discussed. Please wait for the announcement.
Time terms
7th March
7th March
End of member recruitment
15th March
15th March
Deadline of member fee
10th April
10th April
Deadline of the sending the final illustration
Please send the files as one archive to the curator you contacted Only PSD format!
1 st May
1 st May
Artbook pre-order
*the description of pre-order will be posted on 20th April*

? May
? May
Start selling date
[comming soon*]
FAQ for members and customers
Is it necessary to draw in CMYK format? How can I convert RGM into CMYK?
You don't need to convert your art into CMYK, we'll do it ourselves during layout prosses according the printing house requirements. Please send your arts in RGB format.
Please check the way your art looks in CMYK format during drawing in order to avoid distortion of bright colors (lime green, crimson, turquoise, neon-blue colors). You can do it using your Photoshop in two ways:
1. Convert the picture into CMYK: Image > Mode > CMYK Color
2. CMYK preview: View > Proof Setup > Working CMYK.
Press Ctrl+Y to use preview and then press Ctrl+Y to turn it back into RGB

How will I get the author's copy?
1. We will arrange a meeting to give the author's copies to all member living in Moscow. The date of the meeting will be posted on the website and VK on 1sy May.
2. If you live in another city or country your artbook copy will be sent by mail at our expense. Please tell the way you'd like to get your copy to the curator you contacted with.
Can I show and stream the prosses of illustration creating in my blog?
You can stream the prosses and WIPs but you mustn't show the final arts till the artbook release. You should post the final arts only after starting selling day. Use this hashtag #Witch_Artbook in your social media and galleries for WIPs, in-prosses and streams. This way you'll help people to find our project.
Can I draw in a traditional way (water colors, gouache, oil, acrylic, ink, copics)?
Yes, you can. But you have to care about the scan quality by yourself and fill the PSD model with it.
Will my copyrights be protected?
All rights reserved. All project members give their permission to print only one edition of "Witch Artbook". All illustration arts belong to the artists. None of the artbook parts can be used without written permission of the illustration authors.
Will the electronic version be on sale?
The electronic version will NOT be on sale as far as this format isn't suitable for not-commercial projects due to author's rights of artists. You can see all illustration in author's blogs and galleries and on our project VK page after the release.
Can I get an autograph of the artbook members?
If the artists attend the members' meeting in Moscow, you can ask them to sign the book. But we can't be sure about the time they come and leave. The meeting date will be posted on 1st May.
Where to buy
Pre-order start – 1 st May 2018

Selling online. Mailing within Russian Federation and to other countries.

The shipping cost depends on the artbooks quantity and distance to your city or country.

More detailed information for price and order opportunities will be posted soon.
About the Organizers
We are artists and organizers of a successful project "Mythbook" These are two artbooks on the topic of "author's interpretation of myths and legends of the world" published in 2016 and 2017. There are illustrations and sketches drawn specially for the project and gathered all together. More then 250 artists from Russia and CIS countries took part in it.

This year we launch a new project – the set of artbooks named "Mimimi Artbook". The first one is "Witch artbook" which will contain more then 100 illustrations on the topic of cute witches.
Hosino Hikaru
Head project manager.
Curator of the participants.
2D Artist, designer.
Galina Uvarova
Project assistant
2D Artist
Evgenia Solntseva
Curator of the participants
2D Artist
Roar! Studio
Art group focused on illustration and comics.
Moscow, Ru
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